I designed the packaging for a merchandise set for Bethesda's Fallout franchise; a range of model vehicles from the in-game world. The Fallout franchise takes place within post-apocalypic retro-fusion setting; and aesthetically embodies the 1940s-50s American zeitgeist. There are 2 in the range so far; the FUSION FLEA and the PICK-R-UP TRUCK, both with a separate 'limited edition' version for which I also designed the actual vehicle livery and a special enamel pin.

Inner Box Side Design  - For the inner box, I rendered an orthographic projection of each view of the vehicle and selectively traced it in Illustrator in the style of a 1950's die-cast model car, using a half-tone effect for the shading.

Boxes Render  - I started with dynamic geometric shapes connecting multiple sides of the box, and based the colour scheme on toy-car packaging from the 1950's (the era of the franchise). I also designed a hole in the outer sleeve, showing through to the number on the inner box.

Limited Ed. Livery  - Named the 'Racing Flea', this design was based on single-seat, track-racing vehicles of 1950's; I chose the colours, drew the numeral for the side, and designed a number of badges from fictional races (alluding to canonical elements of the Fallout franchise).

Racing Flea Render - With the livery designed, I out-sourced the render of the final vehicle to a 3D-modelling professional. Almost indistinguishable from photos, these images were rendered before the first physical prototype had be manufactured.

Inner Box Side Design  - Keeping the second box in the series consistent, I applied the same steps to create a similar net for the Pick-R-Up. I kept the inner boxes the same for all versions (i.e. Limited Edition), with only the outer box changing, making printing and packaging easier logistically.

Boxes Render  - I designed the Pick-R-Up boxes to look strikingly different to the Flea box, while still feeling like the next in a set; the inner box follows the exact same design and the outer box includes some re-used motifs and a similar compositional structure but different shapes and colours.

Limited Ed. Livery and Render  - Based on the pinnacle petrol station from the game's canon, I conceptualised and designed the livery for a road-side assistance version of the Pick-R-Up, named the 'Pick-U-Up'.

All Boxes Render - I rendered the packaging set - 2 inner boxes and 4 outer sleeves - to showcase the range and evaluate how their colours work together on the shelf.

Regular Edition Boxes Photo - Manufactured in Guangzhou, China, the final models (Regular Pick-R-Up and Flea) are photographed here with their boxes and individual enamel pins I designed to be included in the box.

Designing the Packaging - In my initial versions, I combined a myriad of 1950's and 60's design motifs and styles but ended up simplifying the final design to focus the viewer on the vehicle image and the product name; it being the first in the series, the Flea packaging was especially important in establishing a loose 'brand' upon consistency of which the following products in the range could draw.

Limited Ed. Flea Reference  - The source material for the Racing Flea were images from 1950's track days and the vehicles therein, a majority of which featured large numerals. Their vibrant colours also influenced my decision of the yellow and of using a secondary colour for the Flea door.

Limited Ed. Pick-R-Up Reference  - The image of the Pick-R-Up is official artwork from an in-game billboard and the Red Rocket petrol station was the source material for the Limited Edition Pick-R-Up, which includes on the side of its cargo bed an illustration of the station's rocket installation.