A collection of single images from other work and projects I've completed in the last few years - both in my freelance practice and from self-led university projects - including my most recent project; designing fashion designers exhibition labels in London Fashion Week.

London Fashion Week Labels - Commissioned by fashion-publication TRASHMAG, I designed a set of description labels for 12 fashion designers in the style of a clothes wash-tags. They hung alongside the collections in the LFW exhibition in 180 The Strand in September 2019. The theme and purpose of the magazine in which they were featured was to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion.

Circuit Box - Completed in 2018, this project was - commissioned by New Era Fuels - was to design and oversee the construction of a central meeting room upstairs in their old office before the move to their Centennial Office, the interior design of which was an evolution of a motif that started with this room. Named the 'Circuit Box' to allude to a race circuit, its placement allowed me to design an unbroken circuit around the entire room, both as an aesthetic expression of their developing visual identity, and as a functional manifestation for privacy.

The 'Day of Reckoning' - For this self-directed university brief, I used mimetic design to build a narrative about a fictional political campaign in London, led by a fictional dictator. Using design, photography, 3D modelling, print and renders, I considered the user experience of a daily life within this narrative, and created a set of propaganda (including a newspaper and a 'VoteSafe' app), all featuring the brand and emblem of the fictional party.

Anglia Fuels Branding - As regional branch of the New Era Fuels conglomerate, Anglia Fuels was a home-heating oil company in East Anglia. I was asked to establish the new company with a new visual identity to resemble its elder competitors. To achieve this I created a logo featuring the East Anglia knight, and combined it with bold, simple colours to allude to old English heraldry tincture.

Subjective Objects Posters - For this university brief, I evolved a concept employed by Studio Feixen, of challenging the flat plane of the traditional poster by weaving solid three-dimensional objects into the text; to blur the lines between objects and subjects; the perspective of the text of the resulting posters is broken, and appears not to by constrained by the flat page.

The Envelope - This segment of my final major project of my degree was a very conceptual and experimental self-directed brief in which I tackled the theme of emotional isolation and took a psychoanalytic approach to the expression of psychopathy. This project was also an excellent exercise in honing my 3D modelling skills, where I practiced by modelling real elements of my flat at the time.

Radicol; Miracle Crunch - As my final project in Oxford Brookes, 'Radicol' was a project based on the discovery of Radium (Rn), by Marie Curie, and its atrocious use in the manufacture of glow-in-the-dark watch handles; fatal to the factory workers who constructed them. 'Radicol' was a fictional company operating in the 1920s through to 50s manufacturing all manner of Radium products. The project was a scathing indictment of corporate greed of the era and allowed me to hone my illustration, typographic and packaging design skills.