I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and Central Saint Martins graduate with three years experience in industry.




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New Era Fuels App

Designed a delivery-tracker/products-shop Application to display the various services offered by New Era Fuels. Project included thorough and agile UX/UI design and involved me rendering the App in situ, and a series of adverts. See Project


Store, Pour, Recycle Campaign

Designed and implemented new company identity; including slogan, accompanying designs, 50 icons, expo stand, UI and more. Months following the launch saw sharpest revenue increase in the company's history and an 80% increase in client interest. See Project


Fallout Merchandise

I designed the packaging for a merchandise set for Bethesda's Fallout franchise; a range of fantasy model vehicles from the in-game world. There are 2 in the range so far; the FLEA and the PICK-R-UP, both with a separate 'limited edition' version for which I also designed the actual vehicle livery. See Project


Centennial Office Design

Expressing a 100year-old company brand into the physical space of their new 5500 sq. ft HQ. Incorporating the theme of 'a continuous journey', this job required integrated branding, spacial design, and cooperation with architectural and construction teams. See Project


New Era Fuels Identity

Over the course of a year and a half (while studying for my degree), I worked in a small in-house team to create and design a brand guidelines of an oil company - New Era Fuels - centred around a logo I designed and pitched.  See Project.


Accumulative Electron Spiral (AES) System

The aim of the A.E.S. system was to combine the periodic elemental information with electron configuration data, the notational models of which were hitherto incompatible. To do so, I designed a flat representation of 3-dimensional 'orbitals'. See Project

Excerpts from Other Work

A collection of bits and pieces from other work I've completed in the last few years, including my most recent project; designing fashion designers exhibition labels in London Fashion Week. Other work includes notable freelance jobs, personal projects and university assignments. View Gallery




I’m a London-based, multi-disciplinary graphic designer and Central Saint Martins graduate with over three years experience in industry.

Accumulative Electron Spiral

(AES) System