Moving to a new headquarters in Essex, international fuel-distribution company New Era Fuels commissioned me to design their office interior; a single floor of 5500 sq. ft approx. Marking their 100th year in business, the office was to incorporate the theme of 'a continuous journey', while keeping within a very modest budget.

Converging a Diffused Identity - When I joined the company, its identity was divided by at least three vastly different logo designs, all in simultaneous circulation. The right-hand page above shows 6 versions that were in concurrent use. This diffusion of visual identity undermined the integrity of the brand, and was the reason that the imposition of this brand document was so crucial.

A New Company Initiative - As New Era Fuels' first official brand guidelines publication in their history, it was important to provide a rationale for design decisions to management, and to provide guidelines that could be easily understand and followed by a neophyte. Consequently, I designed the exclusion zone around the logo to be self-referential.

The Stripe - Text coming soon

Tanker Liveries - Text coming soon

Labelling Guidelines - Text coming soon

Designing the Book - Text coming soon