I designed and implemented new company identity; including the eponymous slogan, accompanying designs, around 50 icons, expo stand, UI and more. The months immediately following the visual-identity change had the sharpest revenue increase in the company's history and an 80% increase in client interest. As very little imagery of the FUELBOX product was available for photography, this project was a great opportunity to hone my modelling and rendering skills.

The Slogan - Store, Pour, Recycle is more than a call to action, but also a summarising categorisation of the various USPs of the FUELBOX; the extended storage life, glug-free pouring system and environmentally-friendly packaging, etc.

Accompanying Iconography - I designed ~50 icons, (consistent with the Store, Pour, Recycle style I had established) to introduce some visual consistency and structure to the rapidly expanding branches of the FUELBOX brand.

Previous Fuelbox

My Updated Fuelbox

Update Comparison - Instructed to keep the general appearance of the FUELBOX as similar as possible to the previous product, my changes had to be carefully considered; I updated almost every inch of the box, while endeavouring to maintain a visual consistency to the original. (*Gas Oil is the same as Red Diesel).

Featured Icons - My new icons replace the silhouettes on the (yellow) base strip and feature with captions on the back face to illustrate the various applications of the Box.

My UI for Web and Mobile - I implemented the icons on my new design for the Box's website and modelled and rendered a laptop and phone (on top of Fuelboxes) to place the screen views in situ. This render is one of my proudest to date, combining my Graphics, UI, web-design, modelling and rendering skills in a single image.

2019 Expo Show Stand - As we continued to promote Fuelbox's new branding, I designed the show stand for the Speedy Hire Expo 2019 show, sporting the new icons and cutting out all unnecessary information. The show is currently in-build and will exhibit November this year.

Creating the Fuelbox in 3D - My process of manifesting the unique Fuelbox product in 3D involved designing the net as a flat graphic on Adobe Illustrator; modelling the geometry of the box, screw lid, inner bag and pouring spout; UV mapping the faces of the model to match the net; creating node maps for realistic looking materials (high-density polyethylene, transparent PVC and cardboard); and rendering the resulting model in various scenes.


Previous Packaging - The Fuelbox's design had been the since its first launch in 2014, and consequently maintenance of visual congruence in the eyes of long-term consumers had to be taking into careful consideration for its update.

Previous Website - The original Fuelbox wix site is live presently, the launch of the updated site I designed to accompany the Store Pour Recycle update was delayed and is currently in development.

Previous Show Stands (2015-2018) - The previous ethos of Fuelbox was to include at much information on the stand backdrop as possible, overloading the viewing with a bombardment of photos and graphics. My design considered both the visual hierarchy and the UX of onlookers approaching the stand by removing a significant amount of the information off the show stand and on to the available hand-outs instead.





Mini Digger


Dump Truck


Bulk Delivery

Barrel Delivery

Off-Road Car

Vector Label



    Truck Fleet


    IBC Delivery

    200L Barrel

    Transport Dept.

    Lawn Mower

    Dump Truck


    Print Label



    Marine Vehicle


    Diesel Truck


    12-box Pallet

    24-box Pallet

    48-box Pallet

    Diesel Products




Previous Fuelbox:

My Updated Fuelbox: